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Looks like LJ has changed quite a lot in the past few years.

Anyone still around?

Still alive?

So yes, I am still alive! Though I really don't post here these days, I wanted to post a link to my new website, and by extension the places I am more active (facebook, twitter).

Check it out!


The logo is an in-progress sort of deal. If you've got any feedback, just lemme know!

At the Biennial Exhibition

Forgot to post this over here!

From the Seattle Metals Guild Biennial Exhibition going on now at the Washington State Convention Center:

Making a rather dorky face, in front of my work.

Mo' Mantis


Two more behind the cut:

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Mantis progress

Coming along...

Copper tube rivets with sterling accents and a silver set peridot cabochon accent.  I should be able to wrap this up one up tonight, if I give it a good try.

Seattle Metals Guild Biennial Exhibition

Cross-posting from Facebook just for the hell of it.

The Seattle Metals Guild Biennial Exhibition is now up and running at the Washington State Convention Center.


"The Seattle Metals Guild is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2011 Biennial Exhibition. Every other year, SMG produces a grand exhibition open to participation from all SMG members. This year the show will coincide with the Society of North American Goldsmith's conference (SNAG) coming in late May. The show will be held in the South Galleria of the Washington State Convention Center. The Galleria space is the central thoroughfare of the Convention Center, with nearly 20,000 visitors walking through daily. The 2011 Biennial Exhibition will be among the largest, if not the largest exhibition of jewelry and metal art in the pacific NW during 2011.

In an effort to build a stronger metals community in the Pacific Northwest we as a guild have invited neighboring guilds to be a part of our show. The 2011 Biennial Exhibition will exhibit the work of not only Seattle Metals Guild members but also members of the Creative Metal Arts Guild of Portland, OR and the Spokane Jewelers’ Guild. The annual Passing the Torch exhibition, an exhibition of work created by Washington State High School metal arts students, will be shown simultaneously in the North Galleria. All in all a very exiting event."

There's a reception on Sunday the 17th at 2pm if anyone is interested in joining me. I have a couple of pieces in the show, but even if I didn't I'd still go. There's going to be a lot of really cool work from local and not-so-local (Portland friends!) artists and I can pretty much guarantee you'll see something you've never seen before.

Souvenir necklace

Getting closer...

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Walrus ivory ring

A quick in progress shot of a men's ring that I'm working on:

Argentium sterling silver, sterling silver, fine silver, pre-ban walrus ivory, moissanite

This one has been a heck of a learning process.

Fun tidbit: The wavy edge on the left is the outline of the original edge of that section of broken off tusk layer.

Horn Mask

The fruits of my 'Metal Masquerade Masks' workshop experience this weekend:

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Considering I'd never done any raising prior to this (the whole thing started as a flat piece of copper) and I only had approx. 2 days of working time, I'm pretty pleased with the result. I'll be adding leather straps, some fur trim and possily some antler 'tusks' in the next week or so.

Eye of the Wild

This is going to be a rather large neckpiece when finished, to say the least...

The lower section is a duiker horn. As the horn is hollow, I've filled it with small pieces of deer leg bone and a few small bits of sterling silver. The result is a gentle rattle sound when shaken.

Random projects

Some shots of a couple of projects I'm working on.

A very early shot of a project that's currently being called 'Eye of the Wild' or 'Fall Comes Calling' (leaning towards the latter)

Deer antler section, sterling silver, argentium silver and cabochon. (I need to look up what it was again, completely slipping my mind)

The bezel is actually set into the antler about 1.5mm. It is extremely snug in there, which took some serious patience.

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I'll be running a little give-away of something made with one of those silver domes when my Facebook page hits 300 people. I'm only 8 away now, so if you're interested and not yet a fan of page, please hop on board!


In progress shot

Of a new pendant.

Argentium, sterling silver (tube setting and jump ring), 14k, moissanite, mammoth ivory and squirrel fur.

I've still got a decent amount of work to do on this one. General clean-up, tube setting clean-up, patina applied to 'tusks', securing the fur (it's just in there to test in this shot), and swapping out the silver jump ring for a smaller one.

Overall though, pretty pleased with the way this one is turning out.

Argentium sterling silver

Playing around with argentium today care of the kiwi. Love the stuff so far. I am a big fan of fusing even with sterling, so the lack of firescale in the argentium is an added bonus.

In Progress - v1 earpiece

Just a quick shot of a new project. It still needs a bit of cleanup and tweaking, but it should give you the basic idea.

In the 'real' piece, I intend to have the 'spokes' be further up on the ear, more vertical than they currently are. You can't really see it in this pic, but there's a small connection point on the bottom, to which I'll be attaching a small chain and a bottle full of small seeds or herbs.

As always, if you're not already a fan, consider following me:

http://www.facebook.com/KindofStrange - when I hit 300 followers, I'll be doing some sort of give-away

Tender Infestation, Updated

And with the final touches...

And onto the 'artist as model' shots...
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Tender Infestation

Some progress shots on a set I'm working on. Eventually I want to make the earpiece using a real, cast cockroach, but for now this one will suffice. I'll post some shots of what it looked like when I pulled out of the kiln, so you can see just how much modification was really done to it.

Sterling silver, bronze metal clay in an old 'Thing Maker' mold (heavily modified), copper, ammonia/vinegar/salt patina

Bronze metal clay in an old 'Thing Maker' mold, copper, ammonia/vinegar/salt patina, leather

The idea behind these is to represent the 'infestation' of old memories. You know how it is; You'll be sitting at your desk minding your own business, when suddenly an old memory skitters across your brain, pulling up emotions, whispering thoughts and images of the past. They hover around us constantly, collecting as we grow older, darting about as we experience the world and rouse them from their hidden nests.

If you like seeing in-progress shots and you're not already a fan, consider liking my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/KindOfStrange


As you may have noticed, I've changed over to a new username.


I now sometimes have a webcam on while I work.

Tonight I am working on a brooch made out of silver and a giant barnacle.


Returning soon

I will be returning to the Seattle area next week. Crazy, eh?

My skin is icky and my hands are destroyed (I have dulled the shit out of the hot-cold sensation in three fingers on each hand). Much has been gained from their sacrifice. Adventure has been had!